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Business Continuity Indicator (BCI)




Mastercard teams up with Exante 

We are excited to announce our partnership with Mastercard on the Business Continuity Indicator. The combination of Mastercard geographic transaction data with Exante's continuity detection algorithms and platform architecture make a truly unique and powerful tool.  

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​What is the Business Continuity Indicator?

The Business Continuity Indicator (BCI) is a tool designed for the insurance industry to allow insurers provide Non-Damage Business Interruption cover to their policy holders. The tool provides an indication of business interruption based on the insights from Mastercard’s transactional data. Data can be provided either by API call, or through a user-friendly dashboard as shown above.


The Mastercard report that powers the BCI breaks the world up into grid squares allowing us to understand transactional spend at a granular geographical level. We can provide an independent community-based view of transactions, with insight into transactional activity across all merchants in any grid square, not just policyholders. The BCI aims to transform SMEs’ claims experience, so business owners can receive the resources they need to survive the unexpected interruption and therefore innovate out of that crisis.


BCI in practice


A rail strike is an example of an event that does not cause physical damage, but interrupts businesses in a geographic area because of reduced footfall. The Business Continuity Indicator would show that transactions were lower than expected for all businesses located near to those closed stations, allowing loss adjusters and insurers to easily identify interruption to those businesses and therefore validate the claim.

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