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Insurance Technology Making Parametric Possible


Working with major insurance companies using real world data to build, pilot and launch parametric products like never before


Yahoo Finance 

“Parametric Insurance Market To Reach USD 29.1 Billion By 2032."

How can parametric insurance enhance your offering?

Driving your top line

Whether your company sells solar panels or sun holidays there is proof that embedded parametric insurance will increase your sales conversion by directly the insuring the primary thing your potential customers are worried about.

Building customer loyalty

Parametric insurance instantly reacts to your customer’s issue when it arises. We turn the experience of making an insurance claim upside down by paying out before a customer even knows they could claim.

Unlock new revenue streams

Embedded parametric insurance is a value adding feature for so many different products, from existing insurance products or digital services, to goods, and experiences. Customers are increasingly looking to add parametric insurance to their offering.

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This is how we build the future of insurance together.

What does Exante do?

Exante has built a parametric platform that can ingest and structure novel data sources for parametric insurance, you could consider us an “if this than that” for insurance.

What makes the Exante platform special is that we can structure the data quickly for many kinds of product. We can use a single Sunshine data source to guarantee the performance of a solar panel for 10 years, to guarantee sunny weather on a beach holiday for 10 days, or to guarantee gorgeous sunset wedding photos for 10 minutes.

Our expert team can help design totally unique insurance products. We can deliver automated APIs, pricing tools, and batch processes to onboard and manage new policy holders at scale.

And with our platform, we can launch new products in hours, not months. Monitoring data sources and handling claims completely automatically.

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Our Partners

Exante has been working with global brands to deliver groundbreaking parametric solutions in new markets. 

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Talk to us and see what benefits parametric insurance can bring to your business today.

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