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Predictive Parametric Insurance solutions that pay claims before loss occurs, so the policy holder is never out of pocket. ​


Hurricane Cover

We pay a lump sum up to 72 hours before landfall to help you prepare or evacuate.


Flight Cover

We can anticipate when you will be delayed and re-route so you arrive on time. 


Pandemic Cover

In the Post Covid world  pandemic sensitivity will be greater. We can cover early mitigation.​




We can cover gig  economy workers for any business interruption,regardless of cause. ​


What is Predictive Parametric?

  • Predictive Parametric insurance pays a lump sum to a policy holder in anticipation of a loss.​

  • We invented predictive parametric to help when; ​

  1. A loss is predictable​

  2. We can measure the predictability​

  3. Payout will help mitigate or avoid that loss​

  • This can be applied to natural disasters, travel insurance and business interruption. ​

The Exante 


  • The Exante card is a plastic contactless prepaid card issued with every Exante policy. 

  • The card guarantees instant payment. ​

  • The digital wallet allows us to automate large parts of the compliance function, reducing friction for the policy holder. ​

  • Cards are fully customisable for group policies and schemes.​


User Experience

Exante products are all built to have frictionless onboarding, easy to read terms and conditions and ask the

fewest possible questions.​

Act Fast

When your safety or livelihood is at

risk you act quickly. Your insurance company should do that too. 57%

of Americans can’t afford a $500 emergency and that limits their

options when faced with danger. 

Exante removes those limits.  ​

Empowering policy holders

to make the right choices. ​


​Every summer millions of Florida residents Fear a hurricane coming because they can’t afford to escape it.

We want to end that.

Why Hurricane


  • Insurance is too slow, too expensive for Florida

  • 57% Of Americans can’t afford $500 Emergency

  • Florida median income dropped 12 pts since ’07

  • Evacuation costs $650 dollars on average

  • 45% of Florida households “working poor”

  • Hurricanes becoming more powerful + more frequent

How does it work?

Whenever there is a 30% chance of a category 3 hurricane passing your home within 3 days we pay you $1,000. No catch. We help you make the best decisions for your home and family.  



  • Employer gives employee unique referral code.

  • Price quoted based on single question (Zipcode).

  • Detail questions by proprietary chat bot (Sally).

  • Dashboard shows card balance and current risk.

  • If the NHC predicts a >30% chance of a hurricane hitting the customer Zip code, the trigger is met.

  • The policy holder’s card is instantaneously credited.

Where is it available?

Exante Hurricane Cover is preparing for a limited trial in Florida in 2020 and a wider Florida launch in 2021. ​

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