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Predictive Parametric Insurance solutions that pay claims before loss occurs, so the 
policy holder is never out of pocket. ​

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Storm Clouds


Hurricane Evacuation

Receive a lump sum up to 72 hours before landfall to help  preparation and evacuation.





Rebook a delayed flight so you never miss a connection again. Get there on time, every time.  



Business Interruption

Access to working capital for SMEs when they need it most. Powering real world innovation.


And much


The Exante Platform can accept any measurable data source and take instant action. 

Insurance is too slow to help individuals or businesses avoid losses during a crisis.

Predictive Parametric Insurance pays out when it looks very likely that the insured event is going to occur.


In these cases, the insured party receives the money ahead of the event and can use it to mitigate or avoid the loss, rather than after the event when it may be too late.

Exante can:

Price any risk

We can take a data source and calculate its likelihood of occurring, whether it is a natural catastrophe, a delayed flight or a political outcome.

Seamlessly Distribute

We support a variety of onboarding methods including batch, integration into employee systems and a chatbot that onboards policy holders, automates the quote and bind functions of insurance.

Monitor risk in real time

We constantly monitor our policy holder’s exposure to the chosen risk and can visualise that to enable them to understand it and prepare for the event happening.

Instantly trigger a claim

Whatever the trigger, we pay instantly. We automate all the forms required for the regulator giving the customer a delightful experience.

Exante can...

Hurricane Evacuation

Every summer millions of Florida residents fear a hurricane coming because they can't afford to escape it.

We want to end that.

With Exante Hurricane Protection, every policy holder receives a prepaid Mastercard which can be used for hurricane preparation and evacuation expenses. 

As an Exante policy holder your card will be activated up to 3 days before the storm reaches your location. We use a combination of live forecasts provided by the National Hurricane Center to determine the real-time risk of Hurricane force winds in every zip code in Florida. 

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Above the Clouds

Flight Delay

We want missed connections to be a thing of the past.

If you knew in advance that you would miss your connecting flight due to a delay on the first leg, would you get on the plane?

What if the airport you were in had better options to get to your end destination than the airport you were going to be stuck in?


Exante can work all that out and rebook you automatically.

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Glass Buildings

Business Interruption

Small and medium enterprises are vulnerable to cash flow interruptions.

We believe the greatest innovation happens under pressure, but every business needs working capital.


A sudden drop in revenue can occur for many reasons: natural disaster, pandemic, or terror threats. These events cannot always be predicted, but their impacts can be severe.

By combining credit network transaction data and open banking, Exante provides an instant parametric insurance payment to a business when it needs it most.


Restaurants can advertise a new delivery service. 

Small retailers can start selling online.

Businesses can purchase necessary safety equipment to continue trading safely.


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